OK Business Services - Consultancy

We are a small consultancy that has gained last 12 years significant experience with activities and projects for local governments and SME's in the Netherlands and in Eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary and the Baltic States.

The first product is regional and rural development in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. This is a product of OK Consultancy.

The second product is advising about and introducing entrepreneurs in SME's in emerging markets in Eastern Europe. This is a product of OK Business Services.

OK Consultancy en OK Business Services work with local partners in Eastern Europe and has developed an extended network both in the Netherlands and in Eastern Europe.
Our experience is built up through various projects in different areas at local and regional level, e.g. projects in the field of social care, youth, public administration, implementation of European structural funds, Master Plans, visions, feasibility studies and market surveys, investment - and development projects in housing, recreation and tourism and industry. Our consulting firm is known as an effective and affordable partner and a pleasure to collaborate.

Oene Krist So if you have work to do in this area, try us.

Oene Krist
Managing Director
The Netherlands