OK Business Services - Economic Development and livability in Rural Areas

You think your village, district, city, area needs new impulses for economic growth, livability and more dynamic. You notice that due to various economic and demographic developments the vitality of your living environment is declining. You see that many young people moving away and the population is aging. And you read in your newspaper that the last village shop will close.
As community director, village resident, district representative, entrepreneur, retailer, you want to develop together with relevant parties new ways to preserve the vitality and dynamics in your area. You already have ideas, suggestions, tips, what must be done, but you have no time to organize this and to implement yourself.
If you cannot do it yourself, can also call us.

OK-Business Services from The Netherlands advises, initiates and supports projects aimed at economical growth and vitality of the area, in urban and rural environments. Clients of OK-Business Services includes municipalities, non profit organizations, village councils, privat foundations, etc.

Examples of our work are:

  • Develop regional-, city vision or Masterplan
  • Strategic advice to organizations
  • Develop and support of the process and project management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Organization and support of interactive process of decision making
  • Develop (sub) projects
  • Financing projects by using regional, national and European funds
  • Organization of implementation

We have many years experiences in this specific area of work and have many good practices of projects on local-, regional and national level. We also have a wide network of agencies and organizations in the field of land development.
Projects we have implemented on all levels are e.g. multi functional accommodations for culture, touristical facilities, business support programmes, masterplan for Tourism, play-grounds, reconstruction of road safety and improvement of the living environment, etc.

You have an idea is this field? Try us. We are located in The Netherlands, but our services are are internationally oriented.